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Πτώση θερμοκρασίας καταστολή σκόνης και ρύθμιση σταθερού επιπέδου υγρασίας σε βιομηχανικό χρωστήριο (βαφή αμμοβολή)

The high pressure misting systems of ANDRIANOS finds application in another industrial sector with high demands, this of vehicle and machinery paints.

In industrial paints, the phenomenon of creating large amounts of dust, as well as the high temperatures, especially in summer months, cause adverse conditions for the workforce. In addition, airborne dust and odor particles are a serious problem in terms of health at work and the overall operation of machinery.

Thus, the industrial dyehouse officials addressed ANDRIANOS for the effective suppression of heating and dust of the building.

After recording and analyzing all the separate works, which carried out in the dyeing area, the certified technicians of ANDRIANOSstudied the problem and proceeded to the appropriate dimensioning of the high pressure misting machines and accessories, to give an efficient and guaranteed solution to their problems.

Definitive solution to the important problems of the industrial dyehouse, by ANDRIANOS.

With the installation of the automatic system for constant humidity and temperature regulation, also ensures the reduction of dust and heating to the minimum levels, especially during the difficult summer months. The complete industrial misting system consists of a special pump, type Variable Flow Rate INVERTER 1-5 lt / m with operating pressure at 70bar, a softening circuit of 30lt resin, a 4-fold sediment-water cleaning treatment system and a Control Box plc for the operation management of the systems. The system was designed to completely cover the entire building with the appropriate distribution of the nebulisation from the special nozzles of three different types with different water flow rates depending on the study.

The system operation is set to start automatically according to the temperature and humidity received by the T-sensor and the H-sensor. So, the automatic start is performed, when the sensors reach the minimum levels, which are designated in accordance to the parameters of the Tmp-H control box and according to the degree of lag of the time on / off of the machine. Respectively, they close automatically when they reach their maximum set levels. In this way, the desired humidity and temperature drop are precisely achieved, during the hot summer months. 

The equipment of high pressure misting system in the facility

  • Special high pressure pumps of heavy type for industrial use Variable Flow Rate INVERTER, which convert the water into a cloud via spraying at 70bar.
  • Rotary heavy type for industrial use misting fans with closed type motors and angular direction bases.
  • Stainless steel rings with special nozzle extensions, suitable for the correct distribution of the spraying in the space.
  • Spray line with special 120bar end pipes, connectors and high pressure nozzles.
  • Built-in Timer Control for time spray selection.
  • Integrated circuit of descaling and purification treatment of water sediments.

The machines and accessories of high pressure misting system used in this installation, have all the necessary certifications for industrial use. In combination with the proper study and the detailed installation by the specialized certified technicians of ANDRIANOS, the result was impressive and was crowned with absolute success!

Advantages and benefits of the installation in the industrial paint are the following:

  • Temperature drop especially during summer months.
  • Effective dust suppression.
  • Perfect result in painting, with the stabilization of the desired humidity in the space.
  • Avoid damages to machinery and increase their expected operating time.
  • Increased staff efficiency with optimal working conditions.
  • Increased total production.
  • Reduced energy cost
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Χαμηλό κόστος λειτουργίας και συντήρησης
  • 100% Automated operating system

With the quality of ANDRIANOS

ANDRIANOS is the only certified company for the trading, installation and technical support of high pressure misting systems in Greece, according to the new ISO9001: 2015.

The 15 years of experience and the strong know-how of the experts of ANDRIANOS in the high pressure misting systems, guarantee the reliable, desired and successful result in every application of the Industrial sector.

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