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In many industrial sector workplaces, there is a high temperature that causes a drop in the performance of the staff and machines.

In addition, the airborne dust and odor particles produced by the processing or circulation of materials are a serious problem for the health of the staff as well as the operation of machines.

In other sectors of production and processing of various materials, components, etc., as well as in storage spaces for sensitive goods, it is necessary to have a constant humidity level with a percentage proportional to each product and each application.

The specialized high-pressure misting systems for cooling, for dust & odor suppression and humidity control ( Stable Humidification Systems) by ANDRIANOS, can provide a permanent solution in the industrial sector to all the above important problems, especially during the difficult summer months, by using special high-pressure pumps that convert water into fog. In addition, through special pumps, there is the possibility of spraying liquid perfume or even chemicals (using special stainless steel pumps) to suppress microbes and remove unpleasant and harmful odours at the same time.

In this way, ideal working conditions are created for the staff and optimal operation of the machines.

Benefits and advantages

  • Suppress floating microbes
  • Remove unpleasant smells
  • Achieve desired moisture levels
  • Temperature drop especially during summer months
  • Dust suppression
  • Avoid damages to machinery
  • Increased labor efficiency
  • Increase production
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Extensible and flexible piping systems with spray nozzles in any area of the factory
  • Can be combined with fans for industrial use

1. Recycling and Waste Management facilities

In factory areas during the processing of recycling materials or waste, there is an increased amount of airborne dust and microbes as well as unpleasant smells at times. All these problems are increased during the summer months when temperatures rise.

Thanks to ANDRIANOS high pressure misting systems for dust & odor suppression in factories, we directly improve the conditions inside the factories, with increased economy, safety and better labor conditions.


Εργοστάσια Διαχείρισης Ανακυκλώσιμων Υλικών και απορριμμάτων

2. Aggregate circulation unit - Quarries

The operation of a quarry is based on the processing of aggregates for the production of quarry products (sand, gravel, railway ballast, etc.).

During many phases of the processing of the materials, large quantities of dust are generated, which, depending on the weather conditions (temperature/wind), cause unpleasant conditions, both for the workforce, who inhale large quantities, and for the surrounding area, which is at best covered by the spread of the dust.

The high-pressure misting systems for dust suppression of ANDRIANOS achieve impressive results, create a safe and pleasant environment for the labour force and ensure a clean environment in the surrounding residential area.


Μονάδες κυκλοφορίας αδρανών υλικών - Λατομεία

3. Paper industry

The quality of the paper, its production process and its printing process are directly influenced by the conditions in the microenvironment in which they take place, as well as those existing at the point of storage.

The paper-based products gain and lose moisture rapidly. An inappropriate humidity level in an environment where paper production and/or processing takes place can result crumpling of the paper, frequent blocking of the production and/or processing machines, creation of static electricity, creation of paper dust, deformation of paper dimensions, etc.

A proper humidity level is  is crucial to obtain an excellent steady quality final product. Especially when we refer to the conditions that exist during the hot summer months. But similar issues also occur in the winter months, when heating and heat produced by machinery themselves create, during winter months mainly, critical levels of humidity in the environment and consequently serious complications to the manufacturing process.

Using the high-pressure misting systems for the humidity control & regulation ( stable humidification systems) of ANDRIANOS, the humidity levels in the room are monitored and controlled continuously, which is adjusted according to the results of the control, based on the existing needs. As far as paper, board and other cellulosebased products, the best climate is 20-21°C and a relative humidity moving from 50% to 55%.


Βιομηχανία Χαρτιού


Benefits and advantages
  •  Increase in output speed
  •  Removal of static electricity
  • Minimization of scraps and downtime
  • Reduction in curl and deformations
  • Improvement in quality folding mechanical process as regards paper and board
  • Improvement in flexibility and dimensional stability
  • Better ink transfer
  • Dust reduction
  • Better climate conditions

4. Textile industry

Water is an important part of yarns weight. About 7% of dry cotton weight is made by water, in a dry synthetic yarn such as Nylon it is 2-3%. The specific weight of wool is made by water up to 18%.

It is clear, the importance of balancing the moisture content of the yarns to the desired levels during production and processing until they are converted into fabric. The way is one. The existence of the appropriate humidity in the surrounding air.

Non air-conditioned factories or with a different humidification system frequently encounter production difficulties during embroidery, weaving and spinning yarns due to breakage and high static electricity levels.

The American Institute of Textile Technology found that wool, by increasing relative humidity from 60 to 70% during storage and processing, shows a 15% increase of its elasticity, which drastically reduces breakage during processing. The same applies in different proportions to the other threads.

It is well known in the textile industry that the relative humidity, and hence the moisture regain (content) of textile fiber plays a very important role int the reduction of static electricity. Virtually all textile fibers, when completely dry, have very high electrical resistances. However, as the relative humidity increases, the fibers absorb moisture and their electrical resistance decreases with a consequent reduction electrostatic charges generation.

With the regulation of humidity levels with the high-pressure misting systems for humidity control & regulation ( stable humidification systems) of ANDRIANOS in the textile industry,  the humidity levels in the room are monitored and controlled continuously which is adjusted according to the results of the control, based on the existing needs.

It has immediate application and high efficiency in the industry.

The water is sprayed under pressure from special nozzles, capable of producing very fine droplets, less than 10 microns, which are immediately absorbed by the air without wetting the surfaces and objects below.

Installation and operating costs are low.




Benefits and advantages
  • Increased tensile strength of all natural fibres
  • Prevents creation of static electricity
  • Improved elasticity of the yarns and fibres
  • Control of airborne waste
  • Improved comfort in the workplace

5. Wood industry

The humidity that exists in the areas where wood is processed, stored and produced from wood products has a very significant impact on their quality.

Wood is a hygroscopic material, that absorbes or releases water depending on the relative humidity. In high relative humidity conditions, wood absorbes humidity, until obtaining the same level of the surrounding air. During the 2/3rds of the year, the relative humidity is insufficient for manufacturing and varnishing processes.

With the high-pressure misting systems for humidity control & regulation ( stable humidification systems) of ANDRIANOS,  the humidity levels in the room are monitored and controlled continuously which is adjusted according to the results of the control, based on the existing needs.

The application of the customized stable humidification system of ANDRIANOS, based on a prior study, achieves the maintenance of the correct humidity content inside the wood fibers (generally between 50% and 55% RH) and the effective reduction of many of the problems in wood quality related to the processing stage.

As a result, problems such as shrinkage , swelling, deformations , splits and cracks which are caused by different humidity values, varnish diffusion problems, static electricity and dust can be prevented.

Finally, it achieves a significant reduction in the amount of dust that is usually created during the cutting and sanding of wood and gets on everything in the area, is inhaled by the staff with dangerous health effects and causes malfunctions and in many cases damage to machines and equipment.


Βιομηχανία Ξύλου


Benefits and advantages
  • Stable and high quality of timber and its products
  • The dimensions of the wood remain stable
  • The production process is more efficient
  • Increase in the speed of processing
  • Increase in the lifetime of the equipment
  • Shorter production stops
  • Reduction of dust
  • Improved labour conditions and staff health

6. Tobacco industry

The condition of the tobacco leaves after harvesting is highly important for the excellent or not quality of the final product, which, when the leaves are in the ideal condition, acquires added value.

Τhere have been many problems during harvesting, curing, storing and packaging thereby reducing final product quality and leading to economic losses.

Tobacco leaves, cut tobacco and paper are hygroscopic materials, which lose their moisture content when the air is too dry and become quickly damaged. Dry air degrades the properties of tobacco, resulting in shrinkage, brittleness, splitting and weight loss. In cigarette production, the right humidity level avoids tobacco to fall out of cigarettes and papers from being incorrectly fed into cigarette manufacturing machines.

Traditional humidification systems are not able to provide homogeneous humidity conditions. Many times we discovered that humidification was inadequate, mainly because the barn had only one humidifier providing a limited coverage area, with consequent lack of uniform relative humidity causing high humidification of the product located in its vicinity and having virtually no effect on product located away from the device.

With the high-pressure misting systems for humidity control & regulation ( stable humidification systems) of ANDRIANOS,  the humidity levels in the room are monitored and controlled continuously which is adjusted according to the results of the control, based on the existing needs.

These are low energy consumption systems, with easy configuration and maintenance, simple and flexible installation, in any area required.

Tobacco humidification systems of ANDRIANOS that include the misting units are controlled by electronic humidistats and timers with digital humidity sensors that maintains optimal and homogeneous humidity levels, ensuring better water use, better control of relative humidity and better control in managing cured tobacco leaf moisture content, resulting in improved final product quality and ensuring production efficiency. 

There is no need for gas-fired steam generatorors, air compressors or evaporative pad-coolers. Installation requires an electrical power supply and mains water.

Typical environment conditions required for most common tobacco processing phases are typically between 55 and 75% RH. In such conditions, better product quality with minimum downtime and production waste, it also reduces the risk of losses due to manipulation and over-humidification, increasing profits.




Benefits and advantages
  • Prevents dehydration of leaves
  • Leaves do not lose flexibility making processing easier and faster
  • Leaf spines remain dry and brittle
  • Leaves don’t crumble reducing loss and saving profits
  • Reduces paper misfeeds on cigarette manufacturing machines
  • Uniform humidity levels withot wetting
  • Simple and reliable RH controllers

7. Painting units

In industrial paint factories, there is the phenomenon of large amounts of dust generation from the systematic use of sanders, as well as high temperatures, especially during the summer months, which cause uncomfortable conditions for the labour force.

High pressure misting systems for dust suppression by ANDRIANOS achieve impressive results, creating a safe, clean and pleasant environment for the workforce.

Moreover, the humidity levels in the room are monitored and controlled continuously which is adjusted according to the results of the control, based on the existing needs. At the same time absorbing a significant percentage of the heat and resulting in a temperature drop of up to -12oC.


Βαφεία - Χρωστήρια

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Want to give your business an edge?
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