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During the summer months, due to the high temperatures that prevail, in many cases, a serious problem arises in the use or operation, especially of the outdoor areas, in businesses and homes.

Exterior areas of the house remain unused due to the high temperatures. Mass catering establishments (cafés, restaurants, taverns, etc.) see their turnovers decrease. Either because of the unbearable heat that prevails in their outdoor spaces they lose customers or because for the same reason the stay of the visitors, as well as the consumption due to the discomfort that is created, decreases dramatically. Finally, in many workplaces the high temperature is the cause of the drop in the efficiency of the workforce and also of machines.

In all the above cases, it is not advisable to install a cooling/air conditioning system, mainly because of the high energy consumption that will be required, but also because of their inefficient operation outdoors.

The specialized high-pressure misting systems for cooling by ANDRIANOS provide a definitive and effective solution to these important problems.

With the use of special high-pressure pumps, the water is turned into a cloud and sprayed into the air, absorbing a significant percentage of the heat, resulting in a temperature drop of up to -12oC. At the same time, they create a pleasant feeling of coolness without humidifying the space. The systems can also be combined with fans, new or existing, giving excellent results.

It should be noted that the operating cost of a high-pressure misting system is low and the payback of the investment in business is immediate.

Υδρονέφωση εκνέφωση υψηλής πίεσης σε μαζική εστίαση
Εξοπλισμός εστίασης για ψύξη και δροσισμό

Indicatively, high-pressure misting systems for cooling are applied in:

Benefits and advantages

  • Immediate temperature drop of 10-12οC, without humidifying the space.
  • Greater use of outdoor spaces.
  • Longer stay of visitors-customers in the outdoor areas.
  • Increasing daily turnover in businesses.
  • Energy saving. Due to the creation of ideal environmental conditions in the premises from the immediate drop in temperature, the company consumes significantly less electricity.
  • Flexible and expandable piping system.

With ANDRIANOS' new generation High Pressure Misting systems, combined with the many years (since 2006) of experience and know-how of its specialized engineers, the ideal climate and the desired cooling in outdoor areas is achieved.

The installations of the projects implemented by ANDRIANOS are fully harmonized with the requirements of the new ISO 9001:2015, since it has been certified by the Certification Body TUV Austria Hellas.

In Greece, ANDRIANOS is the only certified company for the marketing, distribution, installation and technical support of high-pressure water misting systems.



Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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