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Livestock Sector

The livestock sector (poultry farms, horse farms, horse riding clubs, horse racing tracks, pig and cow farms etc.) where animals and birds live, grow and breed mainly indoors under conditions close to the natural environment (soil, flora, water etc.), creates smells from solid and liquid organic sewage and waste. In addition, during the summer season when temperatures are high, there are negative effects on the growth of the animals and birds and on the performance and efficiency of animals/fowl and staff working on poultry and livestock farms. Especially in the case of poultry, the problem of mortality from heat stroke is very high due to the very high temperatures generated within poultry farms.

Due to the warm weather, animals and birds become stressed and lose their desire to feed and reproduce, while in the specific case of horses in racecourses and show grounds, their performance is significantly reduced.

Poultry when not stressed by the warmth eat more, so they grow more quickly and properly and increase the quantity of eggs they lay.


Υδρονέφωση στο ζωοτροφικό τομέα


When high temperatures cause poultry, cattle, pigs and other animals in livestock farms to become stressed, there is an equally significant reduction in the desired quantity of milk, eggs and meat produced.

Finally, due to the high temperature and strong smells, several times, a strong feeling of discomfort develops in the staff of these units.


Υδρονέφωση στο ζωοτροφικό τομέα


With the installation and operation of specialized high-pressure misting systems of ANDRIANOS, heat and odors are suppressed, creating ideal living and growth conditions for animals and poultry, achieving the maintenance of their disposition at the highest levels, in order to obtain the maximum benefit from them. Happy animal = productive animal.

At the same time, it creates better working conditions for staff.

Systems for controlling & combating odors of ANDRIANOS, provide a maximum degree of effectiveness. The application process may also include the spraying of neutralizing liquids to prevent odor perception, odor absorbents that modify odor-causing compounds or all-natural bio-neutralizers that modify physical decomposition and prevent odor formation through biodegradation.


 Υδρονέφωση στο ζωοτροφικό τομέα


Υδρονέφωση στο ζωοτροφικό τομέα Υδρονέφωση στο ζωοτροφικό τομέα

Benefits and advantages

  • Increase in egg, milk and meat production
  • Continuous renewal of air inside the premises by using misting fans
  • Significant reduction of animal heat stress
  • Extension of breeding season and steady growth rate
  • Can be combined with fans for industrial use
  • Cleaner environment
  • Dust suppression inside the premises
  • Control and deodorization of unpleasant odors
  • Significantly lower energy and water consumption
  • Expandable and flexible piping systems with spray nozzles for line extension
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Immediate amortization of investment due to increased production


Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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