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Storage Spaces

In many cases, products and goods are stored for a long period of time before being disposed of or processed. Depending on the microclimate of the place where storage takes place, there are different storage conditions in the various stages and phases before final disposal.

For products such as fresh goods (fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish, meat, etc.), paper, wood, tobacco and many others, to be kept in the right condition, they need the right levels of humidity in their storage area.

The specialized high-pressure misting systems for humidity control & regulation of ANDRIANOS, create the ideal conditions for the level of humidity in the air in order to maintain the freshness of the product or merchandise and properties that are necessary for its ideal state of disposal, such as flexibility, hardness, gloss, liveliness, etc., due to it.


Υδρονέφωση σε αποθηκευτικούς χώρους και αποθήκες


Restore the humidity level to optimal values in chill rooms and chill stores, as well as in natural indoor storage areas, preventing the dehydration process, keeping the freshness of food for longer and the condition of other items at an excellent level. The specialized high-pressure misting-humidifying systems for humidity control & regulation of ANDRIANOS, emit an ultra-light water mist at times. The water droplets which are created, because of their very small size, evaporate without liquefying, keeping the humidity and coolness in the ambient air, reducing dehydration and maintaining the weight and condition of the product being preserved.

High pressure misting systems for humidity control & regulation by ANDRIANOS, apart from physical indoor storage areas, can be easily mounted in cooling rooms, but also in trucks transporting sensitive products over long distances.


Έλεγχος υγρασίας σε αποθήκες

Benefits and advantages

  • Avoiding dehydration
  • Reducing the weight loss of the product
  • Greater freshness
  • Control of the spread of odors
  • Maintaining the characteristics and properties of the products in excellent condition
Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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