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Odor Control

There are cases where private, commercial or industrial places have problems with unpleasant odors in the air, as a result of chemical or biological processes in solid or liquid waste, etc. The installation of high-pressure misting systems for the control & elimination of odors, is the best tool for odour treatment and odour control in large areas directly, reliably and effectively.

High pressure misting systems for the control & elimination of odors by ANDRIANOS, provide maximum efficiency in both solid and liquid waste applications.

The process involves the atomization of neutralising chemicals (to block odor perception), odour absorbers (which modify the compounds that cause odors) or all-natural bioneutralisers that modify the natural decomposition and prevent the formation of odour by means of biodegrading action. This is always achieved by using the appropriate liquid, separate for each application depending on the situation and the problem.


Έλεγχος και καταπολέμηση οσμών
Εξουδετέρωση οσμών με υδρονέφωση

Indicatively, high-pressure misting systems for the control and elimination of odours are applied in:

Odor control process in pictures

Καταπολέμηση οσμών - Γράφημα 1Καταπολέμηση οσμών - Γράφημα 2Καταπολέμηση οσμών - Γράφημα 3

  1. Environmental odors as a result of chemical or biological processes.
  2. Millions of ultra thin water droplets are atomized in the environment.
  3. The neutralizer droplets gather around the gas odor, eliminating it.

Custom system

The systems of ANDRIANOS are individually adapted to the needs of each case, according to the configuration of the emission point, the type of processing machine, the intensity and type of odor. Flexible components such as patented mist nozzles with special flexible directional extensions and high-pressure polyamide tubes, allow for close to the area to be deodorized.

 Benefits and Advantages

  • Low costs if compared to other odour control systems.
  • Energy costs are very low 
  • Targeted installation points, since the systems are supplied in various solutions, or pre-assembled with simple quick couplers.
  • Immediate, reliable & effective solution to the problem by using the appropriate liquid.
Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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