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During the summer months, many outdoor areas of the home remain unused due to the high temperatures. Based on expert forecasts, high temperatures are gradually increasing every year.

The installation of conventional air conditioners is not appropriate in these areas, mainly because of their high energy consumption and their inefficient operation in the open air.


Υδρονέφωση σε οικίες


The specialized high-pressure misting systems for cooling of ANDRIANOS come to solve permanently this important problem. Through the use of specific high-pressure pumps that convert water into a fog that is sprayed into the air, absorbing a significant percentage of the heat and creating a pleasant feeling of coolness. In combination with the use of fans, which yields excellent results, the temperature drop of up to -12oC is achieved, making these spaces functional for use.


Υδρονέφωση σε οικίες


Also, with the high-pressure misting systems of ANDRIANOS, there is the possibility of a highly effective and completely natural solution to eliminate annoying and harmful mosquitoes that appear more intensely during the hot summer months, especially in homes with gardens or rich natural surroundings.


Υδρονέφωση σε οικίες

Υδρονέφωση σε οικίες


Finally, cooling systems can be combined with special effects systems, creating impressive effects and events during the day and even more in the evening with the right lighting. These can be installed on existing structures and artificial stones, on various plants and trees, on fences, walls or rails, decorative rocks, around swimming pools, etc.

Benefits and advantages

  • Immediate drop in temperature of up to 12°C, especially during the difficult summer months
  • Protection against insects (flies, mosquitoes etc)
  • Greater use of outdoor spaces
  • Comfortable and calm stay in all areas of the house
  • Energy saving
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Flexible and extensible piping system
  • Exciting visual effect
Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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