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Mosquito Control

During the summer months, in outdoor areas of commercial or residential buildings with gardens, plants, grass, lawns or bushes, creating hotspots with stagnant water and a strong appearance of mosquitoes. In addition to the discomfort that can be caused to the people (customers or residents) in these places, they face a severe problem with bites, several of which may be caused by infected mosquitoes.

The innovative insect protective with high-pressure misting system is here to solve the big problem with the use of the appropriate natural insecticide.

A solution to the problem highly effective and completely natural.

Καταπολέμηση κουνουπιών με υδρονέφωση
Καταπολέμηση κουνουπιών με υδρονέφωση

Indicatively, high-pressure misting systems for mosquito control are applied in:

The solution by ANDRIANOS

Καταπολέμηση κουνουπιών με υδρονέφωση

It is a special wall-mounted high-pressure (50 bar) misting pump, made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel and a misting line (up to 200m and up to 65 nozzles) to be installed along the perimeter of your garden, with flexible extensions for the nozzles and dosing pump for spraying the plants with the natural repellent.

 The system ensures the most effective and natural protection, as well as the humidity of the perimeter with a natural repellent.

 It guarantees absolute protection with maximum efficiency against mosquitoes and the viruses that cause their bites.

The system is programmed and works automatically 24 hours a day! 

 Benefits and Advantages

  • Instant & efficient mosquito control.
  • Full protection 24 hours a day.
  • Allows the use of previously unused areas.
  • Delightful & relaxing mood from the absence of mosquitoes in the area.
  • Comfortable and restful stay in all areas.
  • Stress relief.
Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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