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Cooling Units - Heat Pumps

The heat effect on refrigeration/air conditioning system machinery from the continuous global temperature rise, especially in large building installations, leads to reduced cooling capacity and consequently increased energy consumption and many breakdown problems.

Air conditioning systems during the hot months of spring and summer perform much less due to the high temperatures that prevail in the area of the outdoor cooling units. The air entering the condensers has a very elevated temperature, as a result of which the cooling capacity is reduced by an average of 14-15% and energy consumption to increase  by an average of 31%.

The problem occurs in the condensers (elements), which must convert the superheated high-pressure vapor into a refrigerant of the same pressure when the ambient temperature is too high, resulting in the difficulty of the condensation process.


In these case the adiabatic cooling is the solution. It is achieved by installing a fully automatic high-pressure misting system (adiabatic cooling system) and is widely applied to effectively reduce the temperature of the incoming air in the condensers of outdoor refrigeration units and HVAC units in general.

In this way, the compressors operate at lower pressures and the refrigeration unit greatly improves its efficiency, increases its cooling capacity and saves significant energy, since the effort it spends on cooling is less and consequently the energy it consumes is much less. . At the same time, its lifespan increases considerably over years!

ANDRIANOS sophisticated automatic misting systems for adiabatic cooling have the characteristics of quick and flexible installation and low operating costs. They can be used in both new and existing refrigeration/air conditioning & heat pump units and HVAC units in general, bringing energy savings of up to 37%.


Αδιαβατική ψύξη για αύξηση βαθμού απόδοσης αντλιών θερμότητας

Αύξηση βαθμού απόδοσης αντλιών θερμότητας


Benefits and advantages

  • Reduction up to 15° C of the incoming air temperature of the condensers ατ refrigeration units.
  • Significant energy consumption reduction of up to 37%.
  • Increasing S.E.E.R. of refrigeration units up to 40%.
  • Extending the life cycle of machines.
  • 100% automated operating system

Energy saving in refrigeration units & heat pumps, to increase the degree of efficiency S.E.E.R.

Industrial adiabatic cooling systems are the most suitable to create the ideal climate, so that with their direct local spraying, the incoming air in the condensers is up to 15°C lower. In some special climatic cases the temperature drop achieved can be even greater! At the same time, they will increase the humidity of the air so they can absorb more energy from the atmosphere when the temperature increases on hot, dry summer days.


Διάγραμμα απόδοσης συστήματος αδιαβατικής ψύξης


Relative humidity is the amount of water in the air compared to the amount of water that the air is able to absorb - evaporate. The lower the humidity in the atmosphere, the more water can evaporate and consequently, the more heat can be removed.

Cooling by misting systems is very effective in most geographic areas. This happens because when temperatures reach their maximum during the day, humidity is usually at its lowest.


With an ambient temperature of 40 οC and a relative humidity of 50%, the temperature drop will be 8 οC lower, i.e. from 40 οC to 32 οC.


Διάγραμμα αδιαβατικής ύγρανσης αέρα


In a typical air-cooled air conditioning unit, if the temperature entering the condenser is 6 °C lower it will result in a 14% improvement in unit efficiency and if it is 12 °C lower the efficiency improvement will be about 25- 30% greater, depending always on the current conditions of humidity and temperature of the atmosphere.

Παράδειγμα διαφοράς θερμοκρασίας
 A typical example of energy savings of 27%!


Operation of Adiabatic Cooling

According to the literature, the operation of the adiabatic cooling system has an effect on the refrigeration units at temperatures from 25 °C and above. Initially, the desired temperature drop can be achieved gradually in temperatures between 25-35 ° C and by raising the ambient temperature higher during the day, the system will operate in continuous mode until it drops to the set parameter and stops. All commands are given by a special advanced temperature sensor-sensor connected to the Tmp control box.

In the parameter settings, after a study, the very significant degree of HRS temperature lag of the On / off of the high pressure pump is calculated and adjusted accordingly. All the necessary actions are regulated through the advanced digital Tmp control box operation and operation of the adiabatic system. The digital T control box with the automatic on / off operation of time spray, contributes to the long-term and smooth operation of the machines and generally of all the equipment. 


Αδιαβατική ψύξη με αντλίες και ψύκτες θερμοτήτας


Water sprayed in powder form (droplets smaller than 5 microns from special high pressure stainless steel nozzles and special stainless steel piping), after measuring passes through the appropriate circuit for cleaning sediments and softening (removal of calcium & magnesium and replacement with sodium) the innovative aluminum panels of special reflective membrane that are placed on the condensers, we create the absolute protection of the machine, reaping huge benefits for it!


Υδρονέφωση για αύξηση του βαθμού απόδοσης των αντλιών θερμότητας με αντανακλαστική μεμβράνη
Special Reflective Condenser Protection Film ANDRIANOS


Μέτρηση νερού

 Accurate measurement of water hardness and conductivity values for the necessary study of the appropriate softening system, in order to protect the condensers of the machines from aggressive PH and hard salts.


Finally, there are several ways of selecting automatic adiabatic cooling systems, which depend on the mode of operation of the refrigeration equipment. ANDRIANOS experts, in cooperation with the customer and his needs, always study and propose the most ideal solution for each individual case.


Better performances and energy saving

Efficiency Lower Energy Consuption

Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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