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Humidity Control and Regulation

In many industrial or craft buildings, in professional areas and workplaces, production and processing of various materials, components, etc., as well as in storage areas of perishable agricultural products such as potatoes, fruit and vegetables, fruits, etc., where nature of the activity or the type of products/merchandise require the prevalence of constant humidity in the space, the application of a high-pressure misting system is the ideal solution.

With ANDRIANOS' high-pressure  misting systems for humidity regulation & control, the monitoring and check of humidity levels in the space is carried out, which is controled and regulated according to existing needs. With specialized misting systems  humidity levels of up to 99% can be achieved, depending on the requirements of the space and the application.

In addition, the high-pressure misting systems work as an aid to the temperature drop in the room. As the water turns into a cloud, it simultaneously absorbs energy from the atmosphere, causing the temperature to drop.

The installation of constant humidity systems has been strongly applied in recent years, as it is considered necessary in many different activities of the commercial and industrial sector, to create an ideal climate for workers, visitors, products, components, spare parts and goods. Their operating costs are extremely low.

Έλεγχος υγρασίας σε κελάρια οινοποιείων με υδρονέφωση
Έλεγχος υγρασίας βιομηχανικού χαρτιού με υδρονέφωση / εκνέφωση
Έλεγχος υγρασίας σε βιομηχανία καπνού με υδρονέφωση / εκνέφωση

Indicatively, high-pressure misting systems for constant humidification are applied to:

How do Constant Humidification systems work for Humidity Control and Regulation?

For the desired humidity levels, specialized high-pressure 70bar misting systems are used, where the spraying is controlled by special electronic hygrostats-thermostat controllers, of advanced technology. Through the central electronic operation control units (Control Panel), the humidity of the room is automatically regulated, all seasons of the year, 24 hours a day, without limitations from the size of the room and the external conditions of the environment.

Πως λειτουργούν τα συστήματα Σταθερής Ύγρανσης για τον Έλεγχο και τη Ρύθμιση της Υγρασίας;

Benefits and advantages

  • Creating ideal humidity conditions.
  • Energy savings: Due to the drop in temperature caused by misting systems for humidity regulation, the business consumes less electricity by reducing the use of air conditioning systems.
  • Minimize the possibility of weight loss in several products.
  • Maintaining the quality of the products at the maximum desired levels of freshness.
  • Achieving a desired result in the processing of materials and components, during the production process.

With its new generation constant humidity systems, ANDRIANOS, combined with the many years (since 2004) of experience and know-how of its specialized engineers, precisely achieves the desired humidity levels, creating the ideal climate for each application.

The facilities of our projects are fully harmonized with the requirements of the new ISO 9001:2015, since ANDRIANOS has been certified by the Certification Body TUV Austria Hellas.

In Greece, ANDRIANOS is the only certified company for the marketing, distribution, installation and technical support of high-pressure water misting systems.



Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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