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In the cellars of wineries, a common phenomenon is the continuous reduction of the level of the wine inside the wooden oak barrels. This is observed when the humidity level in the wine storage and maturation areas is low, which leads the wooden oak barrels to dehydrate. The ideal humidity level inside the cellars, according to French and international literature, is from 70% minimum to 85% maximum. If the humidity in the cellar is below 70%, the risk of dehydration of the barrels is very high. In the case where the humidity is over 85%, the barrels are at risk of acquiring fungi and forming mold.

In the case of barrel dehydration due to insufficient humidity, wine losses through a 225lt wooden barrel can reach up to 12lt in sweet varieties, while they can reach up to 20lt per year in dry wine, depending on the type and the age of the barrel and the average humidity and temperature conditions in the cellars. The well-known "angel's share", i.e. the amount of wine that is lost each year through the barrel, is a permanent and particularly important problem in wineries worldwide, since due to the phenomenon of the dramatic reduction in the amount of wine during maturation, the economic losses are large and the quality of the produced product is lower than desired.

Σταθερή υγρασία σε κελάρια

The solution of the problem with humidity regulation and control system is achieved with the new generation constant humidity systems of ANDRIANOS. The humidity in the wine cellars is automatically and precisely regulated to the desired percentage by using controlled graduated misting. The level of graduation misting is achieved by special psychometric study by the misting experts of our company.

The controlled graduated misiting is controlled by special advanced technology humidity measurement sensors.

In this way, a large amount of wine is saved, which without the constant humidity system - which is on average ±70% - would evaporate. At the same time, the aromas remain in the barrel, the oxygen that enters is minimal (just enough for proper fermentation) and the final product manages to achieve the highest quality levels possible!

Υδρονέφωση σε οινοποιεία

Υδρονέφωση σε οινοποιεία

Constant humidity conditions in the cellars are achieved at all times of the year, 24 hours a day, regardless of the external weather conditions prevailing in the environment.

In  addition to maintaining the humidity at the desired level with high precision, during the automatic graduated misting, energy (heat) is absorbed from the atmosphere (natural evaporation), which results to reduction of the temperature to less 6-8°C depending on the space and the season, with the consequence of the lower consumption of electricity than the existing air conditioning systems.

Thus with the operation of the system three results are achieved:

  1. Constant humidity at the desired annual average.
  2. Improving wine quality to the maximum extent.
  3. Significant energy savings

Υδρονέφωση σε οινοποιεία

In addition to the above, with the application of a constant humidification system in the cellars that can be visited, visual effects are created that impress the visitors.

Finally, the low cost of installation and operation of the system combined with the savings that will be achieved by maintaining the quantity but also the significant improvement in the quality of the wine, results in the amortization of the investment in a very short period of time.

Υδρονέφωση σε οινοποιεία
The piping system with the misting spray nozzles

Υδρονέφωση σε οινοποιεία

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Want to give your business an edge?
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