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During summer months, the periods of high temperatures, there is a serious problem in the use or operation of outdoor areas of many businesses. Particularly in food service stores (cafes, restaurants, bars, taverns, etc.) because of intense heat in their outdoor areas, many customers avoid from taking a seat. There is also a reduction in the consumption of customers who finally take the decision to stay because of the resulting discomfort. Thus, a number of businesses lose customers and see their turnover drop dramatically.

In order to address the problem, the installation of cooling/air conditioning systems is not recommended, mainly due to the high energy consumption that will be required , but also because of their inefficient operation in outdoor areas.


Υδρονέφωση σε εστιατόριο για μείωση της θερμοκρασίας


The specialized high-pressure misting systems for cooling of ANDRIANOS provide a definitive and effective solution to these important problems. With the use of special high-pressure pumps the water is turned into a cloud that is sprayed into the air, absorbing a significant percentage of the heat, resulting in a temperature drop , they create a pleasant feeling of coolness. The systems can also be combined with fans, new or existing, giving excellent results. In this way, a temperature drop of up to -12oC is achieved, making these spaces now functional for use by customers, offering a pleasant and cool stay, with the consequent increase in daily turnover for the business.


Υδρονέφωση σε καφετέρια

Κλιματισμός εξωτερικού χώρου


In stores with garden areas or generally surrounded by many plants, with the installation of a specific high pressure wall-mounted misting pump around the perimeter of these areas for spraying plants with a natural repellent, the fight against annoying and harmful mosquitoes is effectively achieved.

With this information, it is easy to understand that the installation of high pressure misting systems by ANDRIANOS in foodservice stores is a quality investment with immediate return on investment, giving the highest quality solution for the functional issue of temperature reduction, but also for the issue of aesthetic harmonization, which has an important role in foodservice businesses!


Υδρονέφωση και μαζική εστίαση

Benefits and advantages

  • Immediate temperature drop up to 12 οC
  • Longer stay of the visitors outdoors
  • Increase in the daily income
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Energy Saving
  • Flexible and extensible piping system
  • Protection against insects (flies, mosquitoes etc)
  • Immediate amortization of investment
  • Low power consumption
  • Ability of combining misting systems with fans
Υδρονέφωση και μαζική εστίαση
Industrial type misting fans


Υδρονέφωση και μαζική εστίαση

Specific high-pressure pump for the control and automation of the operation of the high-pressure misting system

Want to give your business an edge?
Want to give your business an edge?
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