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Αυτοματη Ύγρανση σε Κελάρια Οινοποιείων

Reduction of wine losses, improvement of quality and additional energy savings through the supply and installation of the latest technology of the highly specialized ANDRIANOS constant moisture control system at "Domaine Repanis" in Nemea.

The involvement of Nikolaos Repanis and his family with wine began in 1986. The family winery " Domaine Repanis " was a dream, which began in 2000 and was completed in 2003. After extensive research, they decided to build the traditional, functional and modern equipped winery at the bottom of the mountain of Panagia, in Xerocampos, among vineyards. " Domaine Repanis" has a private vineyard, which is cultivated organically and hosts native and international grape varieties.

The significant losses of produced wine in the storage and maturation cellars of the winery were a constant problem for the family business, due to the insufficient amount of humidity in the area. Τhe amount of wine that is lost each year through the barrel is a constant and very significant problem in wineries worldwide, as the wine level drops dramatically during maturation & the financial losses are great.

The solution to this problem came from the special and only certified engineers & installers of ANDRIANOS' high pressure humidity systems with the installation of a modern, 100% automated system to regulate the required humidity inside the cellar all year round, regardless of the external weather conditions prevailing per season. After the necessary study by experts, the proper machinery & equipment was selected to ensure the right distribution and complete moisture coverage required by the specific space, in order to achieve the desired humidity levels.

In addition, a modern humidity and temperature measurement system was installed in the winery, which records the data in detail and keeps a history of the conditions prevailing in the cellar through computer software.

As a result, the reduction of wine losses by 70%, the maximum improvement of wine quality and the better preservation of the wooden barrels of the cellar were achieved.

The investment is a rapid payback investment that ensures significant savings due to the reduction of evaporation of the stored wine and energy savings by minimizing the use of the air conditioning unit of the cellar.

 ANDRIANOS is fully harmonized with the requirements of the new ISO9001: 2015. Certified for this by the Certification Body TUV Austria Hellas and at the same time is the only certified company for the marketing, distribution, installation and technical support of high-pressure misting systems in Greece. It has been dealing with state-of-the-art technologies in heating, air conditioning and energy saving since 1994, providing high performance and efficient products.

It contributes to the development of the place and the society, investing in the study and know-how of dynamic sectors, in the direction of APE, energy saving and environmental protection, with quality projects and quality building installations with low operating costs, without technical problems and with respect for the environment.

The 15 years of experience and the strong know-how of the experts of ANDRIANOS in the high-pressure misting spray systems, guarantee the reliable, desired and successful result in each cellar application of the wine sector.

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